Author: Sam Hepburn

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Gracie Dwyer has it all- the husband, the child, the house…

But perfection is easy to shatter.

And Juliet wants nothing more than to pick up the pieces…


I knew I needed to read this book as soon as I saw the title and the incredibly designed cover- it really caught my eye, the back cover synopsis confirmed this book sounded ‘ right up my street’.

I was right- I have thoroughly enjoyed this stunning new thriller, it was one of those books that was my perfect read.Everyrime I had to VERY reluctantly get back to real life, all I could think about was the next time I could curl up with a cup of tea and re-open the pages!

I was thoroughly riveted by the rich, descriptive narrative ( I love this type of writing) and find it enhances a story rather than detracts from it. The plot is tight, full of intriguing twists and turns and I found the characters all intriguing, flawed,well rounded and utterly believable.

This book explores the themes of friendships and human interaction alongside a plethora of feelings associated with the darker side of human emotions relating to love, marriage, parenthood and friendship and I found it utterly compelling.

Tensions simmer and there is a feeling of unease as we begin to explore the dynamics between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ in society, those that enjoy the trappings of wealth and sucess and those that are at the opposite end of the social and financial spectrum. This is explored through the unlikely relationship that develop between the two female protagonists, two mothers, Gracie Dwyer the tv chef and personality who appears to have it all ,( but does she? We discover the husband was someone else’s, the child isn’t hers and the house was designed by and built for his ex wife…) and Juliet a single mother struggling financially and emotionally. It isn’t a relationship that develops organically,it becomes obvious as the story unfolds that Juliet has a worrying fixation with Gracie and she works hard to manipulate a friendship ย and is determined to infiltrate Gracie’s inner circle. WHY? There are so many successful females out there, so as a reader we question why Juliet is so hell bent on becoming a part of this particular woman’s life. We watch as the dynamics of their relationship reveals itself. Gracie is ย wary at first but eventually opens up to Juliet allowing a fragile and tentative relationship to grow , however Juliets manipulation becomes apparent… As we watch an unhealthy, toxic relationship form , that is fascinating to witness. The narrative alternates between these two main characters and we gain great insight from their differing perspectives. We also are privy to the diary of a mystery character- Pauline Bryce.. But we do not find out how they fit into the story until the very end.

This clever thriller , skillfully builds a pretty picture of a glossy and perfect existence on the surface but then tears it down brick by brick, asย Sam Hepburn drops delicious hints that all is not quite as it seems, and quite early in I started to question whether Gracie is as clean cut as I first thought. Breadcrumb clues are dropped throughout – a husband she doesn’t fully trust, a ‘ stalker’ whose anonymous notes and ‘presents’ leave Gracie feeling threatened and the fact she herself appears to live under the shadow of her husband Toms, perfect ex wife, a role that often leaves her feeling inadequate. But what is she hiding? Underneath this picture prefect life there definitely lurks a dark secret!

Although Hepburn creates a great protagonist in Gracie,It was the character of Juliet that I was the most drawn to she is a complex, well drawn character and I felt I really empathized with her, while being simultaneously chilled by her feelings of jealousy, hate, control self loathing and her obsession with Gracie.You could almost taste her resentment, her thoughts showing just resentful she feels…

“oh, yes . Let’s not forget Elsie. The prefect cherry on your perfect cake”.

Her fragile emotional health and her struggle to provide for her daughter in the shadow of her bullying ex husband was brilliantly and powerfully depicted. She struggles with negative self image, self loathing and feelings of not being good enough… A recipe for disaster!

The main plot is interlaced with intricate sub plots that add mystery and intrigue throughout, Sam definitelyย ย keeps us guessing and re- evaluating our theories with a beautifully written plot that although complicated is easy to follow… Then BOOM…

Her parting shot!! with great skill she pulls ย all the loose end together , and ties them in a bow!! With bells on!

This last minute with a twist will knock your socks off! Like a fast right hook, you won’t see it coming and it will leave your jaw hanging in shock!

I highly recommend this book to all those who enjoy psychological and/or domestic thrillers.