Thankyou to Netgalley and for the opportunity to read this book pre-publication.


My name is Amber Reynolds. There are three things you should know about me.

1. I am in a coma.

2. My husband doesn’t love me anymore

3. Sometimes I lie.


The front cover blurb attracted my Attention straight away- Short and sweet but deliciously inviting! We are given three powerful statements , one of which renders the other two null and void.As a huge fan of this genre I was reeled in by this hook, line and sinker- I was really excited to read it.  Having now read it, I’m now incredibly excited to talk about it!

This is an incredibly well crafted novel, cleverly written, with an ingenious plot and packed full of brilliant twists ,you will be left reeling over and over again as the story gets more complicated and tangled, urging, no demanding that you Do.Not.Stop.Reading… Despite it being the early hours of the morning!

I found the authors style of writing had me hooked from page one, her talent for story telling is obvious. I couldn’t put it down and so I read it in a couple of hours desperate for it not to end , yet desperate to learn more. The author clearly has an incredible imagination, but the genius is that this genius does not get lost in translation… Not only is it dark, twisty and frightening it is beautifully written. I felt I was there the pictures were so clear in my mind – I could have been watching a slick well edited watching a blockbuster movie and that is all thanks to the perfect descriptions provided for each scene! Amazing.

What I really love about this book is the female protagonist Amber Reynolds she has to be THE most unreliable narrator ever and this makes for a great read! Within a few pages we learn that we can’t trust anything she says… WHY?

1. Because as she opening admits , she lies ( but she doesn’t elaborate and we are left guessing what is truth and what is fiction)

2. She is also in a coma, and unsure how how this happened.

We don’t know what part of the story we can trust as confused memories and dreams converge , mix and then fragment until we become as confused as she is.

The story is highly complex and multi- layered, as each chapter yo-yo’s from present to past, but what does become clear is that all the characters have something to hide.  – a marriage in crisis- her husband doesn’t love her (or does he?), a difficult relationship with her ‘perfect’ sister Claire, the reappearance of an ex boyfriend and work related problem A plethora of questions form on the raiders mind as issues of trust and a mysterious past reveal themselves.

All these are tangled but are obviously tied in some way. Alice drops clues as to how they may be connected but sucessfully keeps you guessing throughout, adding new mysteries and leaving you utterly at a loss as to how all the pieces fit together with brilliant twists and a completely ingenious plot!!

What a page turner! The last few pages left me gasping, as my mind scrambled to reassemble the new information and try to get to grips with it! I write this review carefully , no spoilers here, I don’t want to give anything away that has the potential to reduce a readers enjoyment, I opened the book with no other information than the back page blurb and feel everyone should go into it like that … We are given three statements, one of which renders the other two null and avoid!

Open  that first page with an open mind and armed with nothing other than that and ENJOY!!

This is going to be HUGE for 2017 in a highly competitive genre this is a stand out debut novel. Highly original, faced paced and completely addictive.