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Hi welcome 🙋🏻 To IF IN DOUBT READ I am very excited to be hosting today on the exciting #BadSister #BlogTour the incredible new title by author Sam Carrington.
Firstly I’m sharing an extract to give you a flavour of the book and then sharing my Evie’s. I hope that you enjoy and check out all the other related blogs by some incredible book bloggers! Thankyou so much to Sabah khan at Avon books for my gorgeous paperback copy!



When flames rip through their family home, only teenager Stephanie and her younger brother escape unhurt. Brett always liked to play with fire, but now their dad is dead and someone has to pay the price.


Psychologist Connie Summers wants to help Stephanie rebuild her life. She has a new name, a young son and everything to live for. But when Stephanie receives a letter from someone she’d hoped would never find her, Connie is forced to question what really happened that night. But some truths are better left alone . . .

Can you tell me about the first letter?’

Steph sighed, slumping her shoulders. ‘I wasn’t gonna read it, but somethin’ made me. I had this feelin’ that it was gonna be bad. Bad for me and Dylan.

‘It started off the usual – Dear sis. I need to see you. Why didn’t you write or come see me?’ Steph shook her head gently. ‘But then it changed. His letters usually blamed me for some stuff, like abandoning him when he needed me, being a bad sister, that kind of bull. But this one was different. Seemed even more angry than usual.’

‘Angry in what way?’

‘Like in that he threatened me and Dylan. Said he’d finish what he started.’

‘Oh. He said those exact words? Have you brought the letter?’

‘Oh, right, so you’re questioning me, don’t believe what I’m tellin’ you?’

‘No, it’s not that, Steph. I thought reading it would help me to interpret his words.’

‘What’s to interpret? He’ll finish what he started, Connie. He started the fire, he killed his dad, Mum’s as good as dead, and his big sister is the one that got away. It’s pretty simple, eh? He’s wanting to kill me and Dylan now. Finish whatever weird, psycho fantasy he’s got going.’

‘Sometimes, when we’re scared, things that are meant one way are taken another. We read things into it, and can blow things up, out of proportion—’

‘I don’t scare easy. I grew up learning how to cope wi’ being afraid, I dealt wi’ it every day just crossing my own estate.’ Steph glared at Connie, and huffed. ‘You wouldn’t know. You got no idea, you and your cosy sheltered life down here . . .’

‘Actually, I grew up in Manchester, too,’ Connie snapped. She closed her eyes, pinched her nose with her thumb and forefinger and took a deep breath. ‘I know more than you think.’ She spoke without looking at Steph, not wanting her to see the pain in her eyes. ‘Anyway, go on.’ Connie straightened, was back on track. This was Steph’s session, possibly her last if she didn’t consider it safe to visit any more; she couldn’t let her own past creep into it.

‘Well, perhaps this’ll show you that I’m not making it up.’ Steph thrust the piece of paper into Connie’s hand. She was reminded instantly of DS Mack doing the same on Monday. She hesitated. Once she opened this paper and read its content, she was involved. She opened it. The writing was a scrawl, barely legible:

It ends with fire. We should all burn together.
I’m coming to see you.

For a moment, Connie didn’t know what to say. It seemed pretty cut and dried – if she’d received this, she would’ve taken it as a threat as well.


If you are looking for a taut, intense cannot bear to put it down thriller that is based upon family secrets , lies and half truths then look no further. The latest release by author Sam Carringron will tick all those boxes and then some!

I have read so many psychological thrillers that I’m always doubtful the next will surprise me, engage me or keep me guessing because I think everything that’s done has been done
but you can nevertheless underestimate the talent of writers to tweak and change and create something that does the unexpected and believe me Bad Sister took me on a rollercoaster I gave up trying to foreguess and predict where the next unexpected twist would lead and just enjoyed the ride with a destination that surprised and astounded me! BRILLIANTLY!!
Utterly readable and written so cleverly that you want to postpone real Life until it’s reached it’s conclusion you can’t fail to be
engaged from a start to finish.
The story focuses on two main characters who are for different reasons trying to escape and move on from their pasts. Psychologist Connie who under her assumed name is attempting to put distance between herself and a decision that had a huge impact on her life and career and I was left intrigued and desperate to learn more as we were fed crumbs of informations gradually until we built up the full picture. This writer clearly knows how to hook in her audience! The second female character is Stephanie who again exists under an alias and is also trying to escape the demons of her past.
The book is pacy and relentless with a web of secrets and layers of threads to the story that interweave until they are bought to their conclusion!!
For fans of thrillers grab yourself a copy this book with thrill and entertain in equal
Measures ! Cleverly written, brilliantly plotted and literally unput downable! Don’t say in didn’t warn you! A whooping great and well deserved five stars from me, I can’t recommend more highly! My first foray into the weighting of Sam but I am a definite fan now and will be downloadingher other very well received title ‘Saving Sophie’onto my Kindle asap.