In the little village of Whistling, with its butterscotch cottages and rolling green hills, snow is beginning to fall. Christmas is coming, and Emma Halloway is on her way home.

When twenty-eight-year-old food writer Emma Halloway gets dumped then knocked off her bike, she’s broken in more ways than one, and returns to her family’s cosy cottage in the Yorkshire Dales. Emma hasn’t been back in some time, running from her crazy relatives and her childhood sweetheart, Jack Allen.

Emma’s grandmother is determined to bake her back to health and happiness, as the Halloways have done for generations. Surrounded by old friends and warm cinnamon buns, Emma starts to believe in her family’s special talents for healing again. But then in walks Jack with his sparkling hazel eyes, stirring up the family feud between them.

As the twinkly lights are strung between the streetlamps, Emma remembers just why she fell for Jack in the first place… and why a Halloway should never date an Allen.

The infuriating new lodger, Sandro, doesn’t believe anyone should have to choose between love and family. With a little bit of Christmas magic, can Emma and Jack find a way to be together, or will Emma find herself heartbroken once more?

An utterly gorgeous Christmas romance about the importance of family, freshly baked biscuits, and learning to trust your heart. Perfect for fans of Phillipa Ashley, Debbie Johnson and Debbie Macomber.


THe second I saw this deliciously Christmas, cosy looking cover and read the title, as a dedicated Christmas lover who starts watching Christmas films in October I knew I was going to LOVE this book. I mean it’s got a pink thatched cottage with a little wooden gate on it, lots of snow (did I mention I LOVE snow- I become a child again squealing and twirling when it snows) and a beautiful bauble adorned Christmas tree. I could just stare at the cover and imagine myself trudging up the path all day long. So as the nights drew in and the wind whipped up whistling around the house and dragging leaves from the trees I settled down with a chunky blanket a hot chocolate surrounded by fairy lights( every year I refuse to take them down after Christmas and my house is draped in them all year round) and delved in!
UTTER BLISS! Think of being drawn into the biggest most cinnamony embrace and it sums up this magical Christmas story!
I can’t tell you how much I loved it and I fall more in love with Lilly’s writing with each new book of hers I read. The setting of the story is the delightful Hope Cottage and from the cover of the book It looked like the cosiest most homely place you could wish to be. Lily’s descriptions confirmed this… with its huge aga the battered kitchen table, boxes of handmade Christmas decorations that Evie and her grand daughter had crafted over the years strewn around and Bing Crosby playing on an old radio while snow falls across the cobbled street- I was in my element, sighing in contentment and devouring the words like a big tin of celebrations and enjoying every single one. I absolutely felt like Lily wrote this book just for me.
IfI had made a checklist of all that I look for in a Christmas book she most definitely would have ticked all the boxes. I felt all of my own Christmas memories tumble out and experienced an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. Hope cottage reminded me of my grandmas house,you know that you see in childhood snaps… mismatched furniture,battered and old in the background and most likely handed down through the generations, cluttered with sentimental bits and bobs and littered with nick knacks. The sort of house that’s a far cry from our modern, minimalist look where nothing’s out of place and yet the place you probably felt the most relaxed and cocooned. A place brim full of love and the most important thing… people. It really got me thinking about how we all fill our homes With things that hold no sentimental value and discard things without a thought as we strive for the lastest trends in soft furnishings and yet we are never really content. This book reminded me of places that I hold dear in my heart and times when I felt the most contented, safe and cocooned as a child and for that reason I found this book to be the epitome of heartwarming!
I loved all ofthe characters but especially Sandro, he was a fab character and I loved his little nickname ‘ parajita’ for Emma- so cute! I adored Emma’s eccentric grandma and her great aunts who always had something to say on her life – they were likeable and relatable and their relationships made it all the more of an enjoyable read.
Lily has captured the spirit of Christmas and the importance of families and wrapped it up in a delightful tale that I can’t recommend highly enough, so grab a hot chocolate or a glass of eggnog curl up and devour this it will give you more festive cheer than a cheermiester from The Grinch!!