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Fiona dropped out of school aged 15, because being the consummate rebel, she hated it! After becoming a single parent she decided to return to education, graduating in 1996 with an honours degree in primary education. Ah, the irony!
As soon as she graduated she packed everything she owned into her Renault 11, including her daughter, two dogs and a cat, and headed off to Estonia to become an international school teacher. After fifteen years of teaching, predominantly in Eastern Europe, she returned to the UK .
She now lives on the east coast of Scotland with two Scottish rescue dogs and a disgruntled Portuguese cat.

Fiona is the author of two books:
To Retribution – A love story/political thriller set in times of turmoil.

Dan Knew – A fictionalised account of her travels told through the eyes of Dan, her rescued Ukrainian street dog.


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A puppy born to the dangers of street life. A woman in trouble. An unbreakable bond. A Ukrainian street dog is rescued from certain death by an expat family. As he travels to new countries with them a darkness grows and he finds himself narrating more than just his story. More than a dog story. Ultimately it’s a story of escape and survival but maybe not his. The world through Wee Dan’s eyes in a voice that will stay with you long after you turn the last page.

The animals in this book are all real, as are their stories. The people’s names have been changed to protect their privacy. Fact or fiction? Well, dogs can’t talk, can they?

Although I have briefly been a dog owner I have always thought of myself as a cat person but by the end of this book I had fallen head over heels in love with Dan. Dan is the cannine protagonist of this book and he offers us a completely unique viewpoint as it is his perspective from which this story is told.His story is really that of his owners lives and their relationship. We witness it all through his eyes- and journey alongside the young married couple as they move across Europe.
This incredibly emotional account of the interactions between his family told with his own unique doggy slant is really touching and heartwarming. I laughed as well as cried continually . It’s such an endearing tale of how a young puppy, nameless to begin with forms an incredible bond of deep love and attachment with his human ‘Mum’ who is Fiona, the author. The feelings are mutual and I loved being privy to the very special relationship that they shared.

The way in which Dan tells his story allows the reader to get up close and personal, it allows an incredibly intimate insight into their lives and enables the reader to witness moments that would usually be unseen and hidden behind closed doors. As the reader you experience the ups and downs of their lives and witness the unpleasant side of the relationship where bullying and abuse are heartbreaking to witness especially when we also feel Dans protectiveness for his ‘mum’ and his overwhelming desire to protect her.
Having read the book I now feel comfortable enough to admit that when Fiona first contacted me I wasn’t entirely sure if this would be my cup of tea. A whole book through the eyes of a dog? I wasn’t sure if it appealed to me OR if I would be able to relate to this cannine voice.
But I like to keep an open mind and read widely through genres and thought it sounded intriguing and different to anything I had read before so I jumped on board. I was wrong it WAS my cup of tea and I could very much relate to the candid tale told by Dan, I was also right that it was very different from anything else and I loved it. What a beautiful story, it will tug at your emotional heartstrings and is a rollercoaster of emotions. I highly recommend this well written and sightful, thought-provoking and emotional book about life, the good the bad and the ugly even to those who like me are sceptical of the novel POV. I also recommend a big box of tissues, unless you have a heart of stone you are going to need them.