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Welcome to my blog If In Doubt Read I am excited to take part on the exciting #Blogtour for #AJustifiableMadness for Bloodhound books. Before I share my review with you I just want to say a big Thankyou to the publisher and Sarah Hardy for the opportunity to take part and a copy of this amazing book.


Can you really tell the difference between madness and sanity?

Mark Randall goes to great lengths to get himself admitted to an acute psychiatric ward and, despite being mute, convinces professionals that he is psychotic. But who is he and why is he so keen to spend time in a psychiatric hospital?

When Mark is admitted, silent and naked, the staff are suspicious about his motives.

Dealing with this, as well as the patients on the ward, Markโ€™s troubles really begin once he is Sectioned under the Mental Health Act. When decisions about his future are handed to Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Giles Sharman, Markโ€™s life goes from bad to worse.

Drugged, abused and in danger, Mark looks for a way out of this nightmare. But heโ€™s about to learn, proving that you are sane might not be easy as it soundsโ€ฆ

With a back page synopsis like this who could not want to read this book? Any mention of the words ‘Psychotic’and ‘Psychiatric hospital’ and I am instantly intrigued. I am very interested in the psychology of the mind and find people and their personalities fascinating and so I knew I had to read this… why on earth would anybody do to great lengths to get themselves sectioned and Locked up in a mental health institution? Only a madman surely, but I just had to find out!
I don’t want to give too much away, but I do urge you to go and get a copy of this impressive and well crafted debut novel. I’d like me you love a burning question and are willing to hunt through the pages for an answer you will love this. It’s fast paced and with an opening paragraph so exquisitely written that you will be instantly hooked it most certainly won’t disappoint. It’s not only entertaining it’s thrilling and as I read a thousand and one different possible scenarios ran through my mind, before Being Discredited as I learnt more. As a result I raced through the pages devouring the words and enjoying every single sentence. What an incredible debut from a very talented writer, the plot line is tight and twisty and despite being an avid reader of thrillers I WAS kept guessing, the answers are shocking even for a well read veteran like myself. It’s an absolute corker and this is without doubt an author now on my radar one whose next book will be eagerly anticipated by myself and anyone else whose had the pleasure of reading A justifiable madness. It’s thought provoking and deeply disturbing read leaving you with uncomfortable questions… what happens when the wrong person holds the power?what happens when you get stuck in ‘ the system’ Frightening!it gives great insight into the workings of these institutions and also introduced some thoroughly dislikeabke characters as well as others that came to life on the pages and enhanced an already thoroughly great story. It’s a very unique take on the psychological thriller and exceptionally executed. I loved it.