Welcome 🙋🏽My stop on the wonderful #TheBigDreamsBeachHotel blog tour. I hope your all enjoying the sunshine this bank holiday weekend and that you’ve also enjoyed all the  reviews, extracts and giveaways so far! Thank You to the author, publisher and #Netfalley for my Arc copy of the book so that Incould share my thoughts on the book with you today…


Wriggle your toes in the sand and feel the warm breeze on your face at the hotel that’s full of dreams…

Three years after ditching her career in New York City, Rosie never thought she’d still be managing the quaint faded Victorian hotel in her seaside hometown.

What’s worse, the hotel’s new owners are turning it into a copy of their Florida properties. Flamingos and all. Cultures are clashing and the hotel’s residents stand in the way of the developers’ plans. The hotel is both their home and their family.

That’s going to make Rory’s job difficult when he arrives to enforce the changes. And Rosie isn’t exactly on his side, even though it’s the chance to finally restart her career. Rory might be charming, but he’s still there to evict her friends.

How can she follow her dreams if it means ending everyone else’s?

MY REVIEW: 📖☕️✍🏻

After a few weeks reading dark psychological thrillers I was so excited to read something a little less intense and as a fan of Lilly Bartlett ( aka Michelle Gorman) I knew this would be just the ticket, and I wasn’t wrong. It instantly transported me on a summer adventure, into a story full of fun and light hearted frivolity and as  the gorgeous cover design would suggest this is a story full of colourful, likeable characters and was a joy to read. Romance, mishaps and a hotel inhabited by some of the weirdest and most wonderful personalities you could dream up. This adds such an element of quirkiness and fun to the book. We’ve all met people like these and it makes it all the more funny and easy to relate to. It’s the type of storyline that we can all relate to and I enjoyed watching our loveable protagonist Rosie as she battles to cope with a tricky situation completely empathising with that ‘ uh oh ‘ moment when you realise you’ve definitely bitten off more than you can chew and are feeling a little out of your depth! Some of the scenes where we watch her juggling renovations and unhappy residents are hilarious, I fell in love with her character and she reminded me a little bit of myself! I could relate to her and she made this book for me! The story sucked me in with ease and I was absorbed from start to finish, gradually the reasons behind her return to the UK are revealed and we see that despite her vunerability she puts her all into saving the hotel. Despite what she has been through she has back bone and tenacity and these make her seem all the more real. I loved her relationship with Rory and was enthralled by all the comings and goings at the hotel.  This has a sprinkle of everything you could ask for and definitely made me smile or laugh out loud  most of the way through. It’s one of those reads that feels like that delicious moment when you sink back into the squishiest, comfiest sofa with a cup of tea. Its comforting and familiar and whimsical and leaves you feeling happy and relaxed.

I urge you to grab yourself a copy of this lovely little book, it’s definitely one to covet, the perfect read for a little bit of ‘ me’ time. Perfect to relax in the bath with or like me curled up in bed after an exhausting day.

Packed full of the feel good factor, it’s a bundle of fun and brilliantly observed and written!  A well deserved five stars from me!