A kidnapped little girl locked in a stranger’s van. No help for miles. What would you do?

Darby Thorne is a college student stranded by a blizzard at a highway rest stop in the middle of nowhere. She’s on the way home to see her sick mother. She’ll have to spend the night in the rest stop with four complete strangers. Then she stumbles across a little girl locked inside one of their parked cars.

There is no cell phone reception, no telephone, no way out because of the snow, and she doesn’t know which one of the other travelers is the kidnapper.


I was really excited when I read the synopsis for this book. A high octane thriller set on a desolate winters night with lashings of snow ( I love this atmospheric type of setting and believe this is why I enjoyed Blake Crouch’s ABANDON as much as I did).

I was not disappointed !!! The authors style of writing is so easy to read, one of those books that describes scenes and situations so graphically it truly brings it to life in your mind, eloquent and cleverly descriptive yet the words flow like water enabling you to read nice and quickly without stumbling on clumsily constructed sentences as some do. This is a great asset when the book is totally thrilling and pacy and you speed up desperate to advance the story and discovers truths.

NO EXIT is graphically violent at times but written so well it only adds to the horror of the situation faced by our protagonist Darby. If I could have read this peeking from behind a cushion I would and if I had read it on the sofa I would undoubtedly have been on the edge of it quivering like a jelly. However I read this in one sitting! I genuine into couldn’t bear to put it flown and go to sleep without reaching its conclusion and so I shrank further into my duvet, taking a breather every now and again to reassure myself I was not on some deserted snow bound road in the middle of nowhere witnessing atrocities but thankfully snuggled in bed with a cup of tea and my salt lamp glowing reassuringly in the corner!

A little bit more about Darbey Thorne- she is an incredible character, who you will fall in love with brave and sassy beyond believe, she managed to inject some dry humour into a very dark and adrenaline fueled situation. I loved her and was rooting for her all the way.

I don’t want to give anything away ( spoilers are my absolute pet hate), so I have to be careful here but the ‘ baddies’ characters are also brilliant in a completely different way, one of them being thoroughly terrifying because of his damaged mind and psychopathic traits, so unbelievably dangerous and untrustworthy g he is a compulsive liar with NO , I repeat NO empathy). He was one of the most thoroughly dis likable and frightening villains I have ever read, but was constructed to be completely believable. I loved the way the author slowly reveals these horrible traits and as the book evolves we vibe come aware of just how bad ‘they’ ( oops nearly gave their sex away!!) are.

If you love a Killer thriller that twists and turns more than the jive bunnies then this is a must read. The pace is like a super up Lamborghini once you press the pedal it speeds up from 0-1000 very quickly leaving your stomach behind and adrenaline pounding through your bloodstream. Your’e in for one hell of a ride and shocks and surprises that will keep you hlguessing every single step of the way, actually right upto the very last sentence.

For me his was a five star read, evil baddies, a likeable protagonist that really could be either you or me. A young woman who finds herself thrown into a nightmare and just having to be brave and fight for her life. The setting was atmospheric and claustrophobic, the calharacaters were incredible and the plot twists really did surprise me ( in good as spotting these after reading so many thrillers) and so for me that was the sign of an excellent plot. Multilayered and complex but never confusing the storyline is incredible and superbly knitted together in one of my favourite read in a very long time!

Free on kindle unlimited …. Go and download a copy now. But honestly if you paid over the odds I’m confident you too would feel it was money very well spent. I can’t wait to read more from this author.

I would love to hear your thoughts if you’ve read this incredible title or if you decoded to as a result of my review.

Happy Monday everyone!! 🌺☀️🌈