Ruth Ware grew up in Lewes, in East Sussex. After graduating from Manchester University she moved to Paris, before settling in north London. Married, with two small children, she has worked as a waitress, a bookseller, a teacher of English as a foreign language and a press officer. Her debut thriller, In a Dark, Dark Wood was a Sunday Times and New York Times Top Twenty bestseller and has been optioned by Reese Witherspoon. The Woman in Cabin 10, was also a top ten bestseller in both the UK and USA.


This was meant to be the perfect trip. The northern lights. A luxury press launch on a boutique cruise ship.

A chance for travel journalist Lo Blacklock to recover from

a traumatic break-in that left her on the verge of collapse.

Except things don’t go as planned.

Woken in the night by screams, Lo rushes to her window to see a body thrown overboard from the next door cabin. But records show that no-one ever checked in to that cabin, and no passengers are missing from the boat.

Exhausted and emotional, Lo has to face the fact she may have made a mistake- either that, or she is now trapped onboard with a murderer…


What first struck me about his book was just how readable it was, the words flow wonderfully and before I knew it I was flying through the pages.

The narrative is great balance of action and description and we become deeply involved with the protagonist Lo ( Laura Blackwood) very quickly. The opening scene begins when she is woken by a burglar and the reader immediately emphathises with the trauma that continues to affect her for the rest of the story.

Once Lo sets sail on the Aurora after one initial contact to her boyfriend and a few friends to say how incredible the luxury boat is we watch as her boyfriend becomes increasingly worried about the lack of contact. We learn this via the Facebook messages he posts asking if anyone has heard from her. These snippets are cleverly interspersed with what is happening on the boat and so the tension builds. These snippets continue throughout the book and give insights that Lonas the narrator couldn’t provide and also breaks up the first person POV.

The fact that Lo is suffering from insomnia is drinking heavily and isn’t feeling herself after the burglary sets the scene for doubt in this story. Is what Lo thinks happened on the boat real or the meandering of a tired, stressed out mind as she admits herself that her thoughts are incoherent and muddled. As she struggles to tell what is real from what is imagined, we as the reader are unsure too. I loved this about the book. She is also suffering from post traumatic stress from the burglary incident and is very jumpy, slightly paranoid and perceives threats and danger everywhere . This all makes you wonder how reliable a narrator our protagonist is, especially when she begins to question her own sanity  … Brilliant!

What really calls it into question her reliability over the incident she reports on board is vocalised by the head of security on the boat who asks ‘You saw OR heard?’ The truth is She doesn’t actually see anything and only thinks she heard a scream… Is her mind playing tricks? I couldn’t wait to find out….

At points it reminded me of the game Cluedo only set on a luxury boat! I think it was the plethora of characters who were introduced and described at the first evenings opulent meal- almost like colonel mustard and miss Scarlett. They are all strong and intriguing and throughout you wonder about each weapon and their involvement in the disappearance of the mystery woman in cabin 10.

Ruth Ware keeps the pages turning   And is adept at keeping the readers interest. The book has many twists and surprises and a tight plot and riveting storyline are brought together in a well written thriller that you definitely won’t want to put down.

Ruths style of writing was right up my street and her descriptions of the sea and of fear and panicked breathing ( the protagonist suffers panic attacks and is claustrophobic) were eloquent as as a writer I found them extremely inspiring.

A brilliant read that I highly recommend! I can’t wait to read IN A DARK, DARK WOOD NOW which is by the sane author and waiting on my kindle!