In 1950s England, six-year-old Gracie Scott lives with her Mam and next door to her best friend Billy; she has never known her Da. When her Uncle Joe moves in, his physical abuse of Gracie’s mother starts almost immediately. But when his attentions wander to Gracie, an even more sinister pattern of behaviour begins.

As Gracie grows older she finds solace and liberation in books, poetry and her enduring friendship with Billy, with whom she escapes into the poetic fantasy worlds they create.

But will fantasy be enough to save Gracie? Just how far will Uncle Joe’s psychopathic behaviour go?

The story weaves between these events and the visits Billy pays many years later to an old friend, confused and dying in a hospice. It is here that he is forced to revisit the events of the past.

Seas of Snow is a haunting, psychological domestic drama that probes the nature and the origins of evil.


Seas of Snow is a tragic, compelling and at times utterly heartbreaking read. Written with such intelligent and well observed emotion the descriptive prose was so exquisite it blew my mind. I had to read slowly and keen stopping to let the full beauty of the words wash over me.

Be warned this is a highly emotive and devastating story and one that will stay with you forever. I know I will treasure the gorgeous hardback cover and it’s one of those incredible books that everyone should read.

I loved the way that the timeline switched between two periods… We watch Gracie and Billy grow up the omnipresent threat from her violent and dangerous uncle ever present and then we see Gracie and Billy as elderly people. You will not want to stop reading until you have finished and the reveal that Kerensa saves until the last minute is nothing short of jaw dropping. Sea of snow is a measly £1.99 on Amazon Kindle right now and I urge you to forego your Starbucks latte and download this book right now. For less than a couple of pounds this life altering read will be yours to enjoy.

Although the subject matter is harrowing the fact it is so heartbreakingly well written means it is incredibly enjoyable. I really enjoyed the poems that Gracie loves and their inclusion enhanced the book perfectly. The story is packed full of innocence and darkness. Joe, the uncle is genuinely one of the most vile, sick  characters I’ve ever seen depicted and yet in contrast Kerensa paints the childhood innocence of Gracie and Billy superbly. It poses so many thought provoking questions about the nature of evil, nature versus nurture, born or made. Utterly unique and entirely original this is a very special book that any book lover needs to read.