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Tess Broad wanted children. She longed for them. It wasn’t to be.

In this candid and moving memoir, Tess writes to the children that never were. She writes to them as their adult selves with openness and honesty and tells them of the childhood she envisaged for them and the mother she believed she would be. She describes her reluctant transformation from the woebegone, wannabe mummy that she once was, to the woman she is now; childless but chilled, sailing through Mother’s Day with a smile on her face. Happy.

From the ‘trying for a family’ stage to the relentless treadmill of infertility treatment, Tess recounts her story with humour and pathos, taking the reader on her journey with her, sharing her experiences, the roller-coaster ride of IVF, the sudden departure of the husband whose children she wanted to have and ultimately to acceptance that the life she wanted and expected was not hers for the taking. This is a breathtaking memoir that offers a shoulder to lean on for everyone experiencing the uncertainties and pain of infertility


I want to start to say I feel privileged to have, had the opportunity to read this incredibly powerful memoir before it hits the shelves.

There are so many words I need to use to express the power of this incredible piece of writing, I only hope they can do it justice.

Dear You: Letters to my unborn children is a stunning and powerful memoir of Tessa’s personal journey in her struggle to conceive a family she had always dreamed of but it is also so much more than that! I almost feel this book came to me at the right point in my life to really appreciate its contents,  as I watch my best friend in the whole world go through the pain of unexplained infertility after years of wondering wishing and hoping. She has watched me have my two babies and shown nothing but joy for me and my family although it must have bee incredibly hard. They are now embarking on the long journey of IVF which is one of the main topics of the book.  She like Tessa would make an incredible mum. After reading Dear You I really learnt so much about the process of IVF and feel I can now relate much better to what she is going through. I also realised that the insight Tessa provides into this highly emotional subject would be a gift of comfort and strength to someone like her, who is private and doesn’t tend to discuss her feelings. This would enable her to explore those feelings and retain her privacy. Tessa writes with an amazing honesty and directness that speaks from the heart and would resonate deeply with those in the same situations. This is such an important book to have written and the beauty is how it is written there is no doubt this will be an invaluable source of  solace, comfort and reassurance to anyone struggling to conceive that you can survive it and find peace.

Letters to my unborn children was a roller coaster of a read for me, but I absolutely loved it. I laughed, cried, smiled, felt huge empathy and sadness and at times felt my heart was breaking. But when I laughed I literally laughed until my stomach hurt. This book taught me so much, I am a mum of two boys but I could relate to so much of what she says, she is witty and humorous and a brilliant observer of life and people. Although it must have been devastating to find that she would never become a mother I couldn’t help thinking what an amazingly courageous strong woman Tessa is to have overcome such an exhausting  struggle only to reach that heart breaking realisation but still to find acceptance and peace and to live a full and happy life.

This is a beautifully written joy of a read. Inwoukd recommend to anyone