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Thankyou so much to the publishers for my stunning ARC copy for review and for the opportunity to get involved in this exciting tour


Two women. Two versions of the truth.

Kitty lives in a care home. She can’t speak properly, and she has no memory of the accident that put her here. At least that’s the story she’s sticking to.

Art teacher Alison looks fine on the surface. But the surface is a lie. When a job in a prison comes up she decides to take it – this is her chance to finally make things right.

But someone is watching Kitty and Alison.
Someone who wants revenge for what happened that sunny morning in May.
And only another life will do…


📖🙋🏽I am so excited to welcome Jane onto IF IN DOUBT READ today to answer a few questions! Welcome to IIDR Jane thank you so much for taking part. Firstly Could you  tell us a little bit more about yourself?

I’m a mother of three, married (second time round) to a family friend who had been a bachelor all his life! I’m also a grannie and look after my toddler granddaughter two days a week. I’ve always written. As a child, I was constantly making up stories and then poems in my teens. After university, I trained as a journalist and have written for most women’s magazines as well as The Times and Daily Telegraph. However, I always wanted to be a novelist. It took me some years to find my voice One of my inspirations for this was taking a job as a writer in residence in a high security male prison. Another inspiration was getting married again! We live by the sea – In fact I swim whenever it’s not too cold or rough


📝✍🏻📝What inspired you to become a writer?
I can’t put my finger on that. It’s always been part of me. I still have scraps of childish scribbles from when I was two or three. My parents encouraged me to read and they also read aloud to me every night. I’m sure that made a difference.



✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻How would you describe your writing style and was it easy to find your ‘ voice’ when writing?
I like to see myself as a writer who create surprises. I hope that my books tell a story that’s reasonably intelligent and also entertaining. I try to create characters whom you can laugh and cry with. As I said before, it did take me time to find my voice. Sometimes you have to wait for life to throw you a new ball to do that. It might not be the ball you were expecting but it can reveal the real you.
Can you name three of your favourite reads and what it was that you loved about them or how they inspired you?

I love anything by Rachel Joyce, Maggie O’Farrell and Anne Tyler. When I sat down to work out why, I came to the conclusion that they all have strong women characters. So do I.

💭👩🏼👦🏼 Where do you find inspiration for your stories and characters?
Life. I’m a great observer and I have a highly active imagination. This has its pros and cons in every day living!

🏡🏖🚂 Do you have a favourite place to write?
Two places actually. The first is my study which is right at the top of the house. It overlooks the sea. I can’t bear being interrupted! The second is a train carriage. My second husband and I moved to Devon eight years ago but I still go back to London twice a month, to visit family and also my publishers. I love train journeys because I can get so much done. They also give me a chance to observe my fellow passengers

☕️☕️For a bit of fun…
Tea or coffee?
Neither. I had an operation about six years ago and the anaesthetic had the unexpected effect of changing my tastebuds. Now I can’t bear the taste of tea or coffee or alcohol. I used to like all three. Instead however I’ve become very partial to one hot chocolate a day and I also drink a lot of water

🍫🍩🧀 Sweet or savoury?
Savoury. For the same reason as above

📝📝📝What are your top three tips for aspiring writers?
✍🏻Write about something you’re passionate about and not what you think you ought to write.
✍🏻Write every day so the story stays in your head.
✍🏻Make sure something important happens in each chapter to keep the pace going.

❤️❤️👌🏻 What is your favourite part of writing, and is their any aspect that you struggle with?
I love the first draft. That’s when I get the story out. But I also enjoy the second revision when I check it all hangs together. I do struggle a bit with timelines. That’s because I’ve always been mentally challenged by anything remotely mathematical!

💭👣📖 Can you describe your journey from concept to publication?
I had an idea about a second wife who needed to ask a big favour from a first. I called it ‘My Husband’s Wife’. I showed it to an agent who took me on even though I hadn’t finished the novel then. When I had, she still liked it which was a relief! I sent it out to various publishers. Within a couple of weeks, I received a phone call just as my husband and I were getting ready to go to London for a party. She told me that Penguin was very interested. Her phone calls continued during the day! The editor wanted to meet me! It seemed totally unreal – but I couldn’t be late for the party since some of the guests were quite elderly and it would have been rude..To save time, the editor kindly came to the hotel where we were staying and we immediately hit it off. I could tell she knew my characters almost as well as I did. The following day they made me an offer for a two book deal. My Husband’s Wife reached number five in the Sunday Times which was a dream come true .Blood Sisters is the second book. It’s already had some lovely reviews from bloggers who have read the advance copies . I now have a Penguin deal for a third book which comes out next year. It’s called The Dead Ex.

💭📚📝And finally, are you working on a new project? If so can you tell us anything about it?

See above! I don’t want to give away the plot but I will say that The Dead Ex has got two strong women as the main characters. One starts off as a child and the other is a woman who has to face the biggest challenge of her life.

Thanks for asking me to do this, Lucie!

My pleasure Jane thanks so much for getting involved!


I was excited to read BLOOD SISTER having thoroughly enjoyed Jane Correys previous title MY HUSBANDS WIFE. I knew her style of writing resonated with me and was literally absorbed through your. I thought she had set the bar high with this thriller  but WOW Blood Sisters took it to a whole new level. Firstly the fab front cover would definately have had me grabbing it from the bookshop shelf and the intriguing hook would have meant I would have to drop everything to get started… I think this is going to fly off the shelves for fans of mystery/ thrillers with a domestic edge.

There has been a real literary trend towards thrillers involving the relationship between sisters and despite not having one myself ( which having read some of these titles is a bit of a relief!) I have loved the sinister twists in these complex relationships and have found them to be the great premise for a thriller.

Janes novel is within this genre a stand out title… I found the story engaging from page one and although it’s an uneasy slow burner to begin with it sets the tone perfectly ready for the pick up of pace. The story is told over two time lines,the present day where we become privy to the very different lives that are being led by each sister and then right back into the past – showing us  the lead up to an accident that changes Kitties life forever but also leads to the ‘secrets’ that are constantly hinted at throughout the narrative, this gave rise to an uneasy feeling that kept me hooked throughout. The half sisters couldn’t be more different and this is so well depicted on the cover by the hook of One good, One Bad.One dead and the image of the very different styles of coats hanging on the pegs, and is demonstrated throughout the book. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the story was told, it’s always more intriguing when we are told the same story from different perspectives ( in this case the two sisters) as it shows how different people’s perception, motivation, actions and responses are. We also see how the familial relationships play out, how everyone interacts and  behaves with one another as we watch how they deal with the aftermath of the accident. It’s insightful and cleverly observed The characters themseves are well developed and perfectly depicted. At times they were intensely Un- likeable for various reasons, they are flawed humans ( which we all are) making the story all the  more credible and the situations more believable.

As the story unravels the plot is complex yet perfectly executed with plenty of intrigue and mystery. There are also lots of twists many of which took me by surprise and others that didn’t but this story is very well told and so this didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the novel.

A 4.5 ⭐️ review from

me and highly recommended !!