Welcome to my stop on this exciting tour for the gorgeous #MySummerOfMagicMoments thank you to the publisher and to #netgalley for allowing me access to the title and for inviting me to take part. Today I will be sharing my review and also a Q and A session with the lovely Caroline Roberts, who shares some insights into the lady behind the title and some helpful writing tips for all you budding authors.


When a seaside escape spells a little romance . . .

Claire is ready for a bright new chapter. Winding her way to the coast for a cosy cottage retreat, she prays that three weeks of blissful peace and summer sunshine will wash away the pain of the last year.

Claire’s a survivor – she’s growing proud of the scars that prove it – and she’s determined to make the most of each and every day, to seize those little magic moments that give life its sparkle.

Her plan for peaceful solitude goes awry when handsome, brooding Ed turns up in the cottage next door. Will a little summer romance prove the worst distraction? Or might it be the perfect remedy?

Its fantastic to welcome Caroline onto my blog today for a fun Q and A session… Hi Caroline welcome to IF IN DOUBT READ. Your main character Claire comes to love the run-down cottage by the sea, quirks and all. Do you have a place that you escape to? Your own personal sanctuary?

My home is my sanctuary. I live in a small Northumberland village and I’m lucky to have a home with a lovely garden that overlooks country fields. Home is my happy place.
At any difficult times, when I might want to think something over, or just to find some space and peace, I love to go for a walk with the dog, in the country hills or on a nearby beach. The coastline in Northumberland is just beautiful and Bamburgh beach is one of my favourite places to walk – it’s the setting for ‘My Summer of Magic Moments’.

Who are your literary heroes?

I’m not quite sure if you mean writers or characters. So, writers: Emily Bronte – I love the drama and setting of ‘Wuthering Heights’, Thomas Hardy – Tess was such a great character, Shakespeare – so varied and still so relevant, C S Lewis – I loved all ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ series as a child, that magical, yet dangerous other world. A character that sticks in my mind all these years later is : Gobbolino the Witch’s Cat – I wanted to go off, fly on the back of a broomstick and have all those adventures.

– Who are your heroes outside of literature?

Katie Piper, Malala Yousafzai – strong women who work hard, speak up, and have had to cope with and surmount adversity. Malala’s quote “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world” is so powerful. Nelson Mandela – I visited Robben Island in South Africa this year where he was held captive for 18 years, a humbling experience.

– What single piece of advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

Can I have 2?!

Write what you are passionate about. If you are not interested in and enjoying your writing it will be very hard to convince anyone else to be. And a novel is such a long piece of work, if you aren’t finding yourself involved and passionate about your writing, you will probably never find the motivation to reach the end.
And PERSEVERE – especially if you are struggling with the submission process, and getting rejections. I have had heaps of rejections from agents and publishers in the past and the whole process took me over 10 years from starting to write seriously to getting published. It may take time, but learn along the way, keep writing and KEEP GOING!


Straight off the bat I want to say I Adored this book!!

Its so funny witty and emotional. I found the balance perfect for a truly lovely, uplifting  read. I loved the setting, I fell in love with our brave protagonist and her romantic interest Ed. I loved the mouth watering food descriptions that pepper the book. Im an absolute foodie at heart so this was perfect for me. But the icing on the cake was that  I finally found a protagonist who lives tea as much as I do! Chamomile, earl grey, she drinks it by the bucket load. The  kettles always on.

It was one of those books you pick up and think ‘ This was written for me’ . I found it the perfect relaxation after reading one of my high octane thrillers, and being a glass half full kind of girl I really enjoyed the whole premise behind this book. Recovering from cancer Claire is starting to value all the small things that we never really notice before they are something you may never be able to enjoy again. The chapter titles struck a chord with me every time and I do the same as Claire. I find so much pleasure in the little moments. I in life, and I think sometimes we forget to enjoy the little things in life  or take them for granted, and if appreciated they can bring so much pleasure and really enhance life. Its in no way ‘I am recovering from cancer, doom and gloom and harrowing its uplifting, romantic and life affirming but with a clear message written between the very well written lines!

Little things like wrapping cold hands around a steaming mug of tea, a piece of hot buttered toast, or curling up with a good book! Sinking into clean sheets or listening to the rain on the windows while cosy and warm. ( my favourites anyway!)

I once read a non fiction book with the same idea but to have it in a laugh out loud summery read was utter perfection. I read it in the bath with a glass of wine and smiled away as I read… Perfect for lying by the pool or curling up in bed with. It’s a beautifully written piece of feel good escapism and if you love the seaside, food and hunky men then this is a perfect read to pop a smile on your face.