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n 1997 Andrew Marshall’s partner, and the only person to whom he had ever truly opened his heart, died after a gruelling and debilitating illness. Unmoored from his old life, and feeling let down by his family, Andrew struggled not only to make sense of his loss but to even imagine what a future without Thom might look like.

His diary became a record of recovery and setbacks – like a rebound relationship – some weird and wonderful encounters with psychics and gurus and how his job as a journalist gave him the chance to talk about death with a range of famous people, a forensic anthropologist and a holocaust survivor.

Slowly but surely, with the help of friends, a badly behaved dog and a renewed relationship with his parents, Andrew began to navigate the Thom-shaped hole in his life, and started to piece himself back together.

My Mourning Year is a frank and unflinching account of one man’s life over the year following the death of his lover.


Andrew Marshall (Biography)

Andrew was born in Northampton and went to Bedford School and Warwick University. His original career was in radio where he was a journalist at BRMB Radio in Birmingham. He has presented daily programmes on Essex Radio and Radio Mercury (where he was also Programme Controller). He was Deputy Programme Controller of Talk Radio UK.

His plays have been performed at the West Yorkshire Playhouse (Coming Around Again) and have toured all over the UK (Caruso and the Quake, Caruso and the Monkey House Trial, Madam Butterfly Returns). In 1985, he was selected and trained by Relate as a couple counsellor but is now in private practice.


Now I will be honest I actually put off reading this book for a while, the titles says it all, I knew it would be a highly emotional read and I am a very sensitive soul so I felt kind of nervous at what emotions this would release.

Of course it was a VERY emotional book, but it was NOT what I thought it would be in, that it wasn’t all about death and loss and grief and depression. It was in fact the opposite, it is an uplifting book believe it or not, it deals with a very sensitive subject of death, loss, grief and mourning all of which are a hard set of subjects. But it is also a book of love, it had me laughing, crying and smiling each in turn, but I loved it more than I can say.

I can see why it took so long for Andrew to decide to publish these words and make something so private and so personal so public, but I am so very glad he did. This is a beautiful inspiring love story and a very intimate insight into their meeting, their falling in love, and their time together, and how they cope through the debilitating illness and then finally Andrews coping, his loss, his grief and his journey through it. Written in the form of a diary we experience the year alongside Andrew Marshal as he comes to terms with his loss, watching how he journeys forward without Thom.

I devoured every page, it’s so perfectly written and I feel privileged to have been privy to Andrews story.

This was not something I would ever think to pick up and read, but it is a well written, and honest memoir and I would encourage everyone to look beyond the title and pick up with an open mind. Death is a subject that we shy away from, losing a loved one is our worst fear and yet something we all must face at some point in our lives. This book makes the subject less taboo and more accessible and is one of the most thoughtful pieces of someones heart I have ever had the pleasure to read. If you have ever lost someone whether recently or in the past, this book will bring comfort and the realisation that all the thoughts and feeling that you experienced were/are all normal and that you are not the first person to have suffered a loss. It brings the realisation that their is life and love after the loss and that despite the pain and the life changing experience of losing that person, life does go on.


I rate My Mourning year 4.5 STARS