PUBLICATION DATE: March, 2nd 2017


when Marnie Appleton inherited a sweetshop from her grandfather she was determined to do her legacy proud. The shop has been a much loved feature of the little seaside town of Shipley for years, but now Marnie needs to bring it up to date, and she’s recruited gorgeous new assistant Josh to help.

Marnie gets busy redecorating the shop and  choosing delicious new sweets to stick, but things are never that simple: new neighbour Isobel, a fame hungry blogger, is on a crusade against sugar, and she’ll go to any lengths to secure bad publicity for Marnie’s shop.

Marnie fights back with homemade sugar free treats, but with her best friend Beth heavily pregnant, her grandmother Celia recovering from an operation, and her very recently ex- boyfriend Akex returning to Shipley with a new love, Marnie has a lot on her plate.

And then there’s Josh,with whom Marnie is struggling to keep her relationship purely professional… Will both the sweetshop and romance flourish?


Well who couldn’t resist that cover?? It’s colourful, eye catching and sets the tone of what you will find inside perfectly! It’s like a warm hug of a book or the equivalent of a plate of your favourite comfort food, packed full of feel good factor. If your feeling a bit tired or down at heart- this is the PERFECT pick me up… Without the calories! However I think the author should make it compulsory to munch a bag of your favourite sweets as you read… I certainly did and happily chomped my way through a bag of rhubarb and custards while devouring this fab book.

As a certified sweetie lover this drew me in instantly! I have owned shops and coffee shops since leaving University and I absolutely love reading about people in retail, serving customers, making cappuccinos, ringing things through the tills etc, as it’s been a huge part of my life and I can relate to it.

The Beachside sweetshop was a gorgeous read, a great mix of likeable characters, a sprinkle of intrigue as to their relationships, romance and SWEETS!! 🍬🍬🍬It’s light hearted and full of humour that will make you either smile and chuckle to yourself throughout. I was sad to say farewell at the end to characters who felt they had become friends but it certainly left a smile on my face.

If you are looking for an easy read, perfect to curl up with a cuppa tea or a glass of wine after a long day at work this is perfect. I think it’s also think it would make a great holiday read when you don’t want anything too taxing, that you can dip in and out of without losing your thread.

As we watch Marnie negotiate the return of her ex boyfriend, her errant mother and deal with overly touchy feely sweet suppliers as well as fame hungry ex model bloggers determined to close you down. Not to mention a shop revamp its like watching your favourite ‘friends’ episode, there’s plenty going on, it’s fast paced and funny! I was rooting for Marnie  to make a success of the shop, and to rekindle her relationship with Alex when he returns to Shipley… It’s definitely a heartwarming tale of family, friendship and overcoming some of the obstacles life can throw at you, and I enjoyed every page of it…

Its a glorious little bit of escapism, and a breath of much needed fresh air after reading twenty twisty turns psychological thrillers, this was a welcome respite from murdererous stalkers and abusive psychopaths!

I loved the nostalgic sweetie descriptions, the scenic seaside setting and Marnie made for a very likeable protagonist, I especially enjoyed her relationship with the heavily pregnant friend Beth, and some of the scenes where she goes into labour are hilarious!

Also the references to blogging and some of the posts and comments were really funny, so true to real life and superbly observed!

Well written and fun filled, I highly recommend. I purchased this from Amazon but am thrilled that Netgalley has just issued my request to read The beachside Flower stall By the same author, and I can’t wait to get stuck in…