Firstly I would like to thank Karen at Orenda for my copy of this incredible book….

There were two facts that surprised  me about this breathtaking, high octane novel ! Aside from its expertly written, adrenaline fuelled plot..

This absolutely brilliant piece of writing is a debut novel! Say what!!! ??? YES… A debut! And secondly Steph is a British born writer and the voices of this book are spoken with a southern drawl that flows like water, written with such proficiency that you wouldn’t believe that this wasn’t the authors natural accent! Incredible!!

Deep down dead is the first in a series set around Lori … A stripper turned bounty hunter ( I will be jumping up and down with excitement when the second is released) .I can’t tell you how much  I loved this kick ass protagonist- she is fiesty, gutsy and…. Maternal. A – don’t mess with me bounty hunter heroine who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty,tough as old boots yet a nurturing and loving mother, with a vunerable side. As a single mother to her ill daughter Dakota, debts are mounting as the medical bills pile up for her treatment so when a lucrative but difficult proposition is put forward Lori has little choice but to accept and soon finds herself in hot water! Having no choice but to take her daughter Dakota along for the ride, with profound implications and unexpected complications!  Lori is assigned the task of bringing in her ex mentor JT, another bounty hunter who just happens to have taught her everything she knows. Adding a whole new dimension this twist in the plot introduces emotional turmoils into a dangerous, violent mix… As Lori grapples with feelings of loyalty… And mistrust. JT proves to be an explosive character who ignites the story, he is a skilled bounty hunter so knows how to take care of himself, meaning Loris skills and endurance are tested to the limit.

And When you finally discover the dark truth behind his wanted status it will leave you breathless .

The opening chapters of this novel set the scene beautifully, luring the reader in until….The speed ramps up, like someone pressing full throttle on the accelerator… The story takes off with a vengeance as it moves you through a series of nail bitingly tense confrontations and dangerous situations at breakneck speed. Violent and action packed…

A true page- turner I cannot praise Deep down dead enough, I enjoyed it immensely and have to rank it as one of my top reads so far this year! This debut novel holds all the components of a best seller- everything you could want in a read – a tight plot and clever storyline expertly written yet easy to read with twists a plenty and packed with action.

It’s exciting, It’s slick, it’s gripping and it’s an epic adventure that will have your nerves jangling as you travel alongside Lori and her daughter on a road trip you will NEVER forget!!