The body is found by the river, near a spot popular with runners.

With a serial rapist at work in the area, DI Zegic and DS Ferreira are initially confused when the Hate crimes Unit is summoned to the scene. Until they discover that the victim, Corinne Sawyer, was born Colin Sawyer.

Police records reveal there have been violent attacks on teams women in the local area. Was Corrine a victim of mistaken identity? Or was the person who has been targeting teams women stepping up their campaign of violence? With tensions running high, and the force coming under national scrutiny, this is a complex case and any mistake made could be fatal…


Firstly I would like to thank Mia Quibell-Smith and Random House for my advance copy…

Here we see the return of DI Zegic and DS Ferreira who have formed a dynamic partnership that fizzes with chemistry over a series of investigations.

Set in Peterboroughs, this well paced novel is not only a brilliant crime thriller but an exploration of deeper, more complex social issues. Dolan tackles several difficult subject matters with sensitivity and care, exploring the still taboo subjects of hate crime and gender transitioning.It explores the still largely misunderstood transgender community who remain on the fringe of society dealing with prejudice, hate and violence. Throughout we see Dolan skillfully negotiate  this rarely touched upon subject with an acute sensitively avoiding unessesary  sensationalism , but also with a depth of knowledge and a clear insight into her subject matter that both demononstates an author who cares about her subject matter and one who has taken the time to carry out meticulous research.

The authors understanding is pivotal to the success of ‘Watch her disappear ‘ and really brings the story to life with truth and realism.This novel cleverly informs and educates the reader, while entertaining with a tight plot, peppered with red herrings and breadcrumb clues, and a storyline that twists and turns just enough to keep the suspense and the reader engaged throughout. This is the hallmark of a talented writer, which Dolan proves herself to be time and time again.She successfully portrays the vulnerability and the suspicion felt within the transgender community, the isolation experienced due to a lack of understanding and integratration within mainstream society, but also the fear. Dolan also delves deeper as much of the novel is devoted to exploring the equally complex but more personal relationships within the victims family. As we weave through the tight, gripping plot that is superbly executed we also explore the plethora of complex and conflicting emotions each family member experiences in response not only to the murder of Corrine but to her change of gender. These reactions range  from Embarrasment, disbelief, anger, grief to heartbreak and love.

Being exposed to such raw emotion means Each character becomes utterly believable and human as the story develops because circumstances demonstrate each persons flaws as well as their more positive attributes, making them realistic and well rounded. We gain understanding of each character with their own unique set of responses,based on their belief systems and history/ experiences and try to understand the coping mechanism of each person involved.

I found this book to be both insightful and emotive as I felt much empathy and sadness for the characters. However the emotional aspects of this brave, well paced piece of writing do not detract from, but enhance the gritty plot that is jam packed with factual details and police procedure references. This is a balanced crime thriller with a sensitive side and I enjoyed every single page, devouring it in two sittings and a whole packet of custard creams! I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a crime read that embraces something a little bit different in their time thrillers.