Her breath rose and fell in fearful gasps but it was too late. She could already see what she dreaded the most. The back seat was empty.

Bye,Bye, Mummy.

When a devoted teacher goes missing under suspicious circumstances and an actor is murdered at a local reservoir, there’s no obvious link between the cases. But as DI Robyn Carter starts to delve deeper, her investigations lead her to Abigail, perfect wife and mother to beautiful little Izzy. What is Abigail’s connection to the victims? And why is she receiving threatening messages from an anonymous number?

Robyns instincts tell her there’s a connection between the three deaths, that it’s personal, but the last time she acted in impulse her fiancé was killed. To break this case and earn her place back on the force, she must learn to trust herself again – and fast.

As she inches closer to the truth,Izzy is abducted.

Unless she can get to the killer in time, a little girl will die. 


l thoroughly enjoyed this taut, pacy psychological thriller… It’s slick, it’s gritty and Carol bravely tackles some taboo subjects beautifully and navigates these rarely chartered waters with dignity and aplomb.

Yes the first chapter is dark but, that’s what works perfectly in this genre, a psychological thriller is intended to explore the darker, more depraved side of people and their psyche. It gives the story validity and credibility- to set the scene and to grip the reader. Some stories offer an unbelievable, wishy washy reason as the catalyst for revenge not this one, it also gives us an opportunity to empathise with the ‘ villain’ of the story, which again is the mark of a strong, well written character.

The story line is well thought out and excellently executed. I loved that the story is told from several characters POV it allowed for a real insight into the characters – we got inside their heads and to be  privy to their innermost fears, memories, anxieties and secrets means that the characters become  so believable and so real I felt I was watching them all in high definition!

The plot is completely and utterly  gripping – it is slightly confusing but in a positive way, a way I believe this clever writer intended… We should be confused, DI Carter is, murders and tales of revenge are never going to be straightforward they will be twisted and messy and this is what excites me the most about this genre. I felt secure that all the loose ends would be tied and any confusion would be resolved by the end, but I relished the Red herrings and breadcrumb clues that peppered each chapter and just when you think you’ve Sussed out who is who and what’s going on, you soon realise you were wrong and have to reevaluate to see if you can come to a new conclusion!

A word of advice… Start this book when you can read without the disturbance of everyday life, work, household chores and even partners suddenly become an unwelcome distraction  as once started you won’t want to put it down. I was riveted, this is one of those  book that compels you to read just one more chapter, then another one until it’s well past your bedtime, I was desperate for the next clue, and the next snippet of  information – to fit the next piece of the puzzle together  alongside DI Carter, but Carol Wyer keeps you on the edge of your seat and guessing the whole way through! Exactly what you are looking for when attempting to pick the perfect thriller from the bookshop… This one has it all murder, mystery, intrigue- it’s no wonder LITTLE GIRL LOST is flying so high on the bestsellers chart.

The main protagonist DI Carter is a very likeable character, down to earth and someone most can relate to , so you feel a camaraderie with her, you grow to really like her and that means when the next title in the series is released it will feel like the return of an old friend.

This is a change of genre for Carol a brave decision but most probably the best decision she has ever made, she is a master at building up tension, intrigue and mystery, her storytelling skills and clever story arcs have put her high up on my radar as one to watch, this is the first in a series and I am already desperate for the release of her next title.

Praise to Carol for this incredible crime thriller! It’s a work of genius.

A five star read . Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️