Loved the title, loved the cover, loved the book.

As promised  this gutsy psychological thriller documents every parents worst nightmare… And then some! As a mother I became deeply involved and invested a lot emotionally in the reading if this book. It gave me chills imagining the sheer terror of my child disappearing, the heartache , the sickening, agonising wait for news all the while your imagination plays out the cruelest scenarios in your mind until you almost drive yourself crazy! This novel is about the unthinkable.Every chapter introduces a new plot twist, a surprise that make you have to rethink where you thought this was leading!! Lies, deception and broken trust are all themes that weave through the fabric of the storyline/until we too do not know which character to trust and are left guessing and on tenterhooks, reading on desperate to get answers. It’s a roller coaster of a thriller, well written, well executed with well thought out characters.If you like fast paced, must read-until I finish novels that keep you tense from start to finish this is most likely the perfect book for you . I certainly do and for that reason highly recommend The couple next door.